# Processing Awareness and Fulfillment

The processing portion of this API enables users to access the current lead/processing time of each of Schier's products needed to construct the product and make it ready for shipment.

# Base Endpoints

GET /processing?product=:product-name

# The Processing Awareness Object

  "object": "awareness-product",
  "url": "/processing?product=GB-250",
  "name": "GB-250",
  "lead_time": 6,
  "threshold": 12

# Attributes

name string

The name of the product.

lead_time integer

The number of business days currently required to construct the requested product before it is ready for shipment.

threshold integer

When purchasing the requested product in bulk quantities, when the number of purchased units exceeds this amount additional lead/processing time will be required.

Last Updated: a year ago