# Collections

Collections are custom lists of products to further categorize and sort the products beyond product type. Common use-cases are products approved by jurisdiction, high flow rate models, etc.

# Base Endpoints

GET /collections
GET /collections/:slug

# The Collection Object

  "object": "collection",
  "url": "/collections/gb-250",
  "name": "GB-250",
  "key": "gb-250",
  "size": 0,
  "image": {
    "orig": "https://d1v15ko52mzsn3.cloudfront.net/740c154f-29bb-4cc5-b954-25af2741722e/img/no-image.png",
    "lg": "https://d1v15ko52mzsn3.cloudfront.net/740c154f-29bb-4cc5-b954-25af2741722e/img/no-image_lg.png",
    "md": "https://d1v15ko52mzsn3.cloudfront.net/740c154f-29bb-4cc5-b954-25af2741722e/img/no-image_md.png",
    "sm": "https://d1v15ko52mzsn3.cloudfront.net/740c154f-29bb-4cc5-b954-25af2741722e/img/no-image_sm.png",
    "object": "image-library"
  "items": {
    "object": "list",
    "data": []

# Attributes

name string

The name of the collection.

key string

The collection's key, or slug, that is unique to each collection. This can also be used to retrieve an individual collection and its associated products.

size integer

The number of products that the collection contains.

image string

An image thumbnail to provide a sample image of what this product type looks like. This is optional, so a fallback image may be provided.

items object, array

The list of products within that collection.

Also see Product Object

# List of Collections

Returns a list of product collections within the Product API

GET /collections

# Parameters

# only

optional, array or string

Collections filtered by the key. This parameter can be either a single zip code (as a string):


or an array of zip codes:


# limit

optional, integer

Limits the number of collections returned in the response.


# Collection by Key

Returns an individual product collection by the collection key (see object attributes)

GET /collections/gb-1

So in this example, the sgb-1 segment of the URL is the product type key.

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