# Search

You can extract string-based query searches from the Grease Monkey API; powered by Algolia (opens new window). The search resource utilizes the same API endpoint for each of the various models.

# Base Endpoint

GET /api/search

# Response

The search API does not use a standard structure like that of the Users, Projects, or Jurisdictions APIs. The response of this endpoint will depend on the resource/model that is queried. Refer to each resource's documentation accordingly.

# Example

So for example, if you wanted to search "smoothie" against the projects API, the request would look something like this:

GET /api/search?type=project&query=smoothie

# Parameters

# type

required, string

The resource/API that the search request will be made against. The available options are:

  • user
  • jurisdiction
  • project

# query

required, string, url-encoded

The search query to be searched against.

# Other Parameters

limit optional, default: 25

offset optional, default: 0

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