# Product Accessories

This object refers to an accessory/component (product attachment) that has been assigned to the project based on the installation methods, or by the jurisdictions requirements. However, despite the fact it is attached to a project, does not mean that it is required for the installation to be valid.

# The Product Accessory Object

  "name": "PP2",
  "price": {
    "list": "216.00",
    "retail": {
      "multiplier": 0.7,
      "price": "151.20",
      "object": "price"
    "wholesale": {
      "multiplier": 0.55,
      "price": "118.80",
      "object": "price"
    "object": "product-price"
  "model_number": "8400-013-01",
  "active": false,
  "description": "Converts an unused outlet into a pumpout port. Includes internal pumpout fitting and piping and a 3\" cam and groove fitting with cap. Use with Great Basin™ models GB-50, GB-75 and GB-250.",
  "product_page": "https:\/\/schierproducts.com\/pp2\/",
  "type": "Pumpout Port Kit"

# Attributes

name string

The name of the accessory within the application and eCommerce store front

price object

Pricing information for the product. This object describes the various price breakpoints depending on the method/location of purchase.

model_number string

Schier's internal model number of this product.


This model number can be used to retrieve more information about the product via Schier's Product API (opens new window)

active boolean

If the accessory is actively being recommended or has been sunset.

description optional, string

A brief marketing description about the product.

product_page optional, string

A link to the product on the eCommerce platform.

type string

The type of product/component/accessory.

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