# Errors

Schier's APIs use standard HTTP response codes (opens new window) to indicate the status (success or failure) of each request made the respective API endpoint:

  • Codes in the 2XX range indicate success
  • Codes in the 4XX range indicate an error with the request; usually has to do with the information provided (validation) or the request was made to an incorrect endpoint
  • Codes in the 5XX range refer to an internal service error

500 Responses

If you receive a 5XX status code, please contact Schier and notify us of the problem and steps to replicate it.

# Response Code Explanation

Code Summary
200 OK — The request was successful and everything is ok
400, 422 Bad Request — The request was invalid due to incorrect/missing parameters
401 Unauthorized — No valid API key was provided
403 Forbidden — The provided API does not have the necessary permissions to successfully perform the request
404 Not Found — The requested endpoint/resource does not exist
422 Validation Error — The information submitted in the response is not valid and no action could be taken
429 Too Many Requests — You have made too many requests, and the API has put a rate limiter in place to prevent potential abuse
500, 502, 503, 504 Server Errors — The API server is currently experiencing issues. The request was rejected.
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